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Template-based data manager.


If you handle sensitive information, you can set pattern-locking to keep all your data private.

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iEntries is a revolutionary template-based data manager that simplifies the way you store and manage all of your custom data.


Because iEntries puts the creation of templates under your control, the possibilities are limitless in terms of what you can create.


Unveil the world of multimedia content with the built-in support for images and videos embedded directly into your entries.


Designed with usability in mind, iEntries gets you going in seconds. Every detail is optimized so you can focus on creating your entries fast.

Smart Info with data detectors.

If you type an URL, iEntries will automatically turn it into a clickable link so you can go straight to that website. This app is smart enough to identify e-mails, phone numbers and events so you can add them directly to the system calendar.


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Main features include:

  1. Avoid typing and retyping repetitive things by having a template for it.

  2. Templates can have fields for text, images, dates and even videos!

  3. Use templates to compose unlimited entries.

  4. Automatic organizing of entries into groups.

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  1. Collapsible groups for easy management of ample collections of entries.

  2. E-mail templates and entries to your friends.

  3. Elegant retina graphics.

  4. Multiple language support.

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